Sermons on Galatians

Sermons on Galatians

Table Time

Today, along with siblings in Christ around the world, we will be celebrating World Communion Sunday.  In literal and figurative ways, we will be “at table” with one another, near and far.  Please join us in person or online as we reflect on the sacrament of Holy Communion and what it means, in the midst of all of our differences, to come together at Christ’s Table.  

Cal-Pac Service – Together in Worship

We will have a special service today from the Cal-Pac Conference! This service was provided to local congregations as a gift, and is a collection of a variety of musicians, worship leaders and preachers giving witness from a diverse context of settings, all giving glory to God as we celebrate Christ’s birth.

Transforming the World

This Sunday we consider the transformation that takes place within us as we turn our hearts toward God’s unending love.

Youth Sunday 2015

This is a full Sunday as we begin in worship in celebration of Youth Sunday! Our Spirit-filled worship experience was led by the youth of PB UMC!