Sermons on 2 Corinthians

Sermons on 2 Corinthians

Seeking the Face of Jesus

Together with Tim we explore our human attempt to create a portrait of Jesus throughout Western art history, and the different forms it takes on.

Walking in the Truth

Our scripture reading this Sunday is from Paul’s second letter to the community in Corinth. It’s in this passage that Paul talks about the “thorn in his flesh,” that unknown affliction or malady that companioned him all his life. As he grapples with that particular “truth,” he explores the notion of God’s strength as it makes itself known in our human weakness, inviting us into that powerful and profound reflection along with him.

Being Renewed

Being renewed doesn’t always necessarily equate to getting an ample amount of rest. God renews us by filling our cups, so we can pour ourselves into others.

The Gift of Giving

In this Sunday’s text, Paul focuses on God’s generosity as he invites the church in Corinth to be generous. In part, Paul frames it as a response out of gratitude. “Thank God for his gift that words can’t describe!” This week, we will hear from PB UMC member Su-Yen as she shares in this Stewardship season.

Step Up: Gifts

This Sunday we continue our Stewardship exploration with a discussion on the importance of our giving in support of our faith community.

Plus One: Gifts

Today, we consider the importance of our financial gifts to the ministries of the church

Growing in Vision

This Sunday Pastor Bob will explore the idea of visioning (or dreaming) with God in mind and growing our vision through faith.


Pastor Bob will explore faith as a journey that moves us ever-forward toward God’s holy love.