Sermon Notes (Page 18)

Sermon Notes (Page 18)

Nearly every week, Sermon Notes are provided to help us prepare for upcoming sermons.  Feel free to use these Sermon Notes in your personal study or in a group!

Risking Love

This week, our text invites us to think about risk, and I’m certain that we all take risks from time to time.


We each make hundreds of choices a day, ranging from socks to seasonings, from freeways to food. Joshua’s conversation with the people of Israel reminds us that we get to choose whether or not to acknowledge and follow God’s invitation.

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

This Sunday’s text is particularly challenging for religious leaders. While Jesus is not uncharacteristic in his critique of the Pharisees, this particular text hits home for many Clergy.

Step Up: Witness

We conclude our Stewardship dialogue exploring witness, though the idea of witnessing or sharing our faith is one that evokes a variety of perspectives.

Step Up: Service

Pacific Beach UMC has a long history of service such that we have become known in the community as the church that feeds the homeless. But is that all there is to service?

Step Up: Gifts

Often the idea of stewardship is only thought of in terms of financial giving – our gifts. But an easy trap to get into is that God needs our money. I don’t believe that for a second.

Step Up: Presence

The October tradition at Pacific Beach UMC is to explore our Stewardship commitments. This week we explore the importance of our presence in the ministries of the church.

Step Up: Prayer

The October tradition at Pacific Beach UMC is to explore our Stewardship commitments. We begin with prayer because there can be no Stewardship without first being in conversation with God.


With the imagery of the fire of the burning bush, death in the plagues, and the dramatic wind, sky, and sea at the crossing of the Red Sea, we conclude this part of the story with the Israelite’s cry for food in the wilderness.