Christmas at Home

Christmas at Home

The heartwarming story of Grandma and the kids comes to life on the stage of Pacific Beach United Methodist Church. Begin your Christmas season with the Voices of Praise (adult choir), Grace Notes (children’s choir), and The Act of Faith Players as they sing their way through the Christmas Story. Don’t miss this performance. It will warm your heart as you approach the celebration of Christ’s birth!

Consider these questions:

  1. What stories do you tell with family during the Christmas season?
  2. What traditions do you share with loved ones? Favorite recipes? Games or other gatherings?
  3. What are your fondest memories?

Post-sermon follow up on 12/13

Video of our musical can be found using this link (will open in a new tab).

This telling of the Christmas story warmed my heart, not just because my own kids were in it – but because I think the most compelling celebrations of Christmas can take place in these kinds of family/friend gatherings. The fondest Christmas stories I know all come from these kinds of experiences.

Shameless plug: edited multi-shot video of the evening performance (on DVD or Blu-Ray) is available from Pat and Lea Ann W. for a small donation to cover the cost of materials. Please contact them directly – or the Church Office – to get your copy!

Consider these questions:

  1. How did you first become aware of the Christmas story? (In this question, I’m asking about your knowledge of the birth story of Jesus rather than stories of Santa or Ralphie or a thieving Grinch.)
  2. In what environments to you most experience a renewed spirit for Christmas and/or faith?
  3. How can you share your experiences and spirit with others in meaningful ways?


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