'healing' Tagged Posts

'healing' Tagged Posts

Build Up

This Sunday’s message by Pastor Christopher will explore the importance of connectionism as the Body of Christ.

Feed the World

Our Healing Hands series concludes this week with the reminder that there is still a deep hunger in the world.

Draw Crowds

Our Healing Hands series continues with a recurring question: Do we draw crowds?

Become Known

Our Healing Hands series continues with a powerful question about how the world knows who we are.

Send Forth

Our Healing Hands series continues. Is it possible that we are called into a spiritual whole-ness so that we might be empowered to do something, perhaps even something profound?

Bring Life

On Sunday, our annual Outdoor Worship celebrates the beginning of summer and the 4th of July. We also begin a new series focused on the healing stories of Jesus.

Rise Up

This Sunday’s lectionary text reminds us that Jesus frees us to be who God creates us to be.

Camping Changes Lives

As we look toward the summer months, we are closer to our children and youth being out of school. This is – of course – a time that many children and youth see for freedom, a break from schedules, and an opportunity for a bit more independence and self-discovery. What better place for this than camp? To be honest, I mostly missed camp as a youth. I went one year when I was in Junior High, and there was no…