'Fun in the Sun Picnic' Tagged Posts

'Fun in the Sun Picnic' Tagged Posts

Beach Breeze – July 2017

Don’t miss the July 2017 edition of our monthly Beach Breeze for info on an upcoming outdoor worship event, youth calendar, annual conference report, and news on our annual picnic!

Fun in the Sun!

by roving reporter Marcia M. On August 28th, PB UMC held its annual “Fun-in-the-Sun” beach party in Mission Bay, and it was definitely fun in the sun: lots of fun and lots of sun! The sun was bright and shining, and there was a really nice breeze that kept approximately 100 attendees from getting too hot. The food was amazingly good. Chef DK Catering supplied tasty sliders made from different kinds of meat and a varie- ty of cheeses and…

Beach Breeze – October 2016

To view the October 2016 edition of the Beach Breeze on a mobile device or to save and/or print, click this button: Download Or copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://www.pbumc.org/media/newsletters/breeze_1610.pdf