Sermons from 2023 (Page 3)

Sermons from 2023 (Page 3)


Join us for both sacraments of the church! What are these rituals and what do they mean? How do they connect us to the Spirit of the Living God and God’s amazing and never failing grace?


This week our text from Matthew invites us to explore and learn more about the nature of discipleship. We’ll reflect on the complexities of how we are in relationship with the world and with one another.

Starting (as If) for the First Time

Matthew’s text invites us to (re-)enter into the calling and sending of Jesus’ disciples. What if our names were added to the list? What if, as Tom Berlin encouraged, we were invited to spend the rest of our days “doing good well”?

Love Is…

Today, Rev. Dan Meyer-Abbott helps us reflect on love. What is Paul getting at when he talks about love? What is it and isn’t it?

A Mountain-Top Experience

Rev. Dan Meyer-Abbott guides us today in contemplating our faith journeys using the imagery of running a race. How does preparing for a race, running a race and finishing a race empower and guide us as we seek to live a life of faith?

Spirit Seeking

Today we celebrate the day of Pentecost! On this special day we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit and celebrate the birthday of the church. What difference does the Holy Spirit make in our lives and our world today? How does the Holy Spirit continue to move between and among us?


Today is Ascension Sunday and we take a look at the account of the recently resurrected Christ being taken up or ascending to heaven. We don’t like to wait, but what if that’s how we become open to blessing?

Living Love

Today we continue in what’s known as the “Farewell Discourse” in the Gospel of John, taking a deeper dive into what exactly it means to follow in Christ’s Way. Jesus had some very specifics “asks” of disciples then and now AND he offered the promise of divine presence that would remain with his followers always. What exactly does it means to follow in Christ’s Way?

Preparing a Place

What does it mean that Jesus prepares a place for us? How is that a present reality in addition to a future promise? And what difference does it make for how we think about creating place and space for one another?

You Are So Very Loved

Join us as we take a deeper look at mental health awareness together and share what each of us can do to be a support and comfort to others.