Sermons from July 2023

Sermons from July 2023

What Is New, and What Is Old?

Jesus gives us a single sentence about bringing treasure that is new and old. Was he saying that some parables are old and stale? Is one to be preferred over another?

Tending and Tarrying

This Sunday we spend time with the parable of the wheat and the weeds, featuring a “good farmer” with “good seed” and a “bad farmer” with “bad seed.” How does this ancient parable speak to the modern church as we struggle with “good and bad” in our world, in our churches and within ourselves?


Join us for Pride Sunday at PB UMC! We engage with Paul’s words from Romans:  Nothing can separate us from the love of God!” These are wonderful and life-giving words. But given everything our world is going through, including all that the LGBTQIA+ community endures, can we really believe that they’re true?


This Sunday we spend time with Matthew’s version of the Parable of the Sower. What constitutes “good soil” and what conditions are necessary for us to spiritually flourish, as individuals and as a community? What is Jesus trying to tell us about discipleship and ministry?


Join us for both sacraments of the church! What are these rituals and what do they mean? How do they connect us to the Spirit of the Living God and God’s amazing and never failing grace?