Sermons by Bob Rhodes (Page 18)

Sermons by Bob Rhodes (Page 18)

Free Grace

Pastor Bob continues the sermon series “Questioning God” with a sermon on forgiveness including an excerpt from John Wesley’s sermon by the same name.

Seeing God

Pastor Bob begins the “Questioning God” series by addressing the question, “Can we see God?”

Spiritual Beginnings

Pastor Bob explores the tendency to get lost in the relief that may come after the Christmas & New Year holidays, and suggests that perhaps a renewed spirituality may be more appropriate…

Love All

Pastor Bob concludes the “Advent Conspiracy” sermon series with a challenge to love all persons regardless of the ways our culture divides us.

Spend Less – Give More

Pastor Bob continues the “Advent Conspiracy” sermon series with the challenge to step away from the cultural infatuation with “Consumeristmas.”

Worship Fully

Pastor Bob begins the “Advent Conspiracy” sermon series with an exploration of Advent as a season of preparation.

Heaven, Hell, and Hope

Someone asked just two days after Robin Williams completed suicide if I thought he had “gone to hell.” In light of the national conversation about suicide and depression, we explored part of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.