Sermons (Page 40)

Sermons (Page 40)


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Long-Term Investments

Pastor Bob explores the idea of investing in our faith and our future and looking at those investments in the long term.

Snakes on a Plain

Pastor Bob considers complaints during the Israelite’s journey in the wilderness and the search for healing and transformation.

The Law and the Spirit

Pastor Bob explores both the given law and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, and how these come together – sometimes in unexpected ways.

Mind. Blown.

This Sunday, Pastor Bob explores the awe-inspiring nature of God when we allow our minds to be opened.

Into the Wilderness

The Rev. Nicole Reilley speaks about the season of Lent, asks us to question ourselves and presents some challenges.


This Sunday we return to texts from the Revised Common Lectionary as we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday.

Storms & Giants

In this concluding sermon in the series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the theological concept of “theodicy” with the question, “Why does God let bad things happen?”


In this continuing series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the idea of blessings, how we look at blessings, and how we may respond when we feel blessed…

Is Heaven for Real?

In this continuing series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the deep questions often asked about death and the afterlife while wrestling with difficult scripture. Then follows the challenge of whether or not these are even the right questions…

The Right Stuff

Pastor Bob continues the sermon series, “Questioning God” with an exploration of the call of all Christians to participate in ministry, and the empowering nature of the Holy Spirit.