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'volunteer' Tagged Posts

Interfaith Shelter 2016

This is the 30th season that PB UMC has hosted guests from the Interfaith Shelter Network, the shelter program where more than 200 homeless men, woman and children receive shelter and other services throughout the San Diego region for a two-week period. Over the years, the demographical composition of shelter guest has changed; we are seeing more single mothers with children. Our guests will arrive Saturday, February 20th to officially launch the start of the two-week period here at PB…

Beach Breeze – January 2016

To view the January 2016 edition of the Beach Breeze on a mobile device or to save and/or print, click this button: Download Or copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://www.pbumc.org/media/newsletters/breeze_1601.pdf

County Volunteer Award

This past week, PB UMC was recognized by San Diego County’s Registrar of Voters. Of note was the church’s long-term commitment to serve as a polling place beginning in 1988 and continuing for 27 years!

Interfaith Shelter and PB UMC

With the arrival of our guests on December 28, PB UMC will once again participate in the Interfaith Shelter Network. The guests will be at the church from 5 pm in the evening to 7 am the next morning during their two-week stay. They will sleep at the church, shower at the church, and eat their breakfasts and dinners at the church. During the day they will be working, job hunting, or going to school. We will send them out…