'presence' Tagged Posts

'presence' Tagged Posts

Theological Statements

Theological statements are all around us, from the ways we treat each other to the things we proclaim as a part of our faith. And maybe even more…

Step Up: Gifts

Often the idea of stewardship is only thought of in terms of financial giving – our gifts. But an easy trap to get into is that God needs our money. I don’t believe that for a second.

Step Up: Presence

The October tradition at Pacific Beach UMC is to explore our Stewardship commitments. This week we explore the importance of our presence in the ministries of the church.


October has become the traditional month at Pacific Beach UMC when we embark on our annual Stewardship campaign. It is a time where we recommit – or perhaps commit for the first time – ourselves to supporting the ministries of PB UMC and of the broader connected Church. We hear sermons intended to inspire thoughtful commitment and generosity, sometimes we hear from members of the congregation, we receive letters from the pastor, and we fill out a card indicating our…

Plus One: Presence

This Sunday, we’ll talk about the importance of our presence in our faith community. Our presence makes a difference.

Stewardship & Saints

I confess that today is a difficult day. While this will be read in October, I write in late September on the 30th anniversary of my mother’s death. And so it’s a difficult day. And I am reminded of all those who have lost loved ones with an understanding that the time of grief does not lessen the hurt. Yes, it gives us tools we can use to manage our aching, but – for me – to claim that the…


Back when the film Gone in 60 Seconds came out (the one from 2000, not the one from 1974), Beth and I had the opportunity to go to the film’s “red-carpet” premiere. It was a good time, it was completely packed… And I met both Michael Clark Duncan and Ben Affleck. In the bathroom. When I worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain, part of my job as an “Operations Supervisor” was to walk VIPs around the park, especially for those…