'faith' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

'faith' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

Beach Breeze – January 2017

To view the January 2017 edition of the Beach Breeze on a mobile device or to save and/or print, click this button: Download Or copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://www.pbumc.org/media/newsletters/breeze_1701.pdf

Plus One: Witness

Our final Stewardship focus will be Witness, a conversation about how the ways that we share our faith – either overtly or through choices – impacts the people around us.

Why I Believe

A friend of mine who is a pastor at a United Methodist church in Santa Barbara asked me to join with others in a written series he was assembling called “Why I Believe.” The series explores the choice – and indeed it is a choice for each of us – to live a life of faith. You can see the original post here. We are in the season of Lent, a time where Christians around the world take time for…
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