'caroling' Tagged Posts

'caroling' Tagged Posts

Advent & Christmas 2016

Our Advent and Christmas seasons offer much in the way of connecting to our community and our faith. Check out all the ways to celebrate and find joy in the season!!

Advent & Christmas 2015

Christmas is all about a journey – the journey of faithful people through the desert to find a Savior. And people today are still seeking, although they don’t always know where to look. We invite you to join us, at PB UMC, this Christmas season to experience the journey together. For the shep- herds and wise men, it ended with a baby in a manger. But for us today, it’s where the journey begins. This Advent and Christmas season have…

Beach Breeze – December 2015

To view the December 2015 edition of the Beach Breeze on a mobile device or to save and/or print, click this button: Download Or copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://www.pbumc.org/media/newsletters/breeze_1512.pdf

Countdown to Christmas

This Holiday Season is going to be filled with lots of laughter, love, and worship! We invite you to be a part of it. Highlights of this Holy Season are: “The Homecoming,” a wonderful way to start off the Christmas season with song, story, and laughter. For more information, click here. “Hark! The Angel Sang Off-Key.” Not that our Children’s Choir would ever do so! Come celebrate our children singing to the Glory of God! For more information, click here.…