Sierra Service Project

Sierra Service Project

This summer some of our youth will be once again participating in Sierra Service Project (SSP). We have three teams of youth going to different places different weeks this summer. A few of our Sr. High boys and Dee will be going to Smith River, CA the last week of June. We are very excited! We have wanted that site for a while. At the same time, we will have two youth participating here in San Diego. They really wanted to find out more about helping in different ways in our own community, so they will attend as individual participants. Our third team will be going to Take, AZ. We were signed up for Chiloquin, OR, but have requested a change to AZ. Dee will be taking that group the end of July / first week of August. We could still add one or two participants to that trip if anyone is interested.

SSP is a service mission project that was started in 1975. The volunteers (like us) pay to participate which pays for materials and the SSP staff. The projects are mostly basic home repairs and community beautification. Along with learning basic construction skills and doing the work, there is also time for worship and reflection built in to the schedule. If you would really like to learn more about SSP in general, check out their website. if you want to know more about our particular involvement or would like to know how you might get involved, talk to Dee B.


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