Video Announcements for June 19, 2016

Video Announcements for June 19, 2016

The altar flowers are given by Ally’s family in celebration of her first birthday! And a happy Father’s Day to all!

There are openings for altar flowers on July 17, & 31. Cost is $50. Please contact the church office if you would like to sponsor a day.

We welcome Adam M who will present our sermon today, while Pastor Bob takes a few days off to recover from the Annual Conference.

The Beach Breeze deadline is this Monday, June 20. We welcome our new Breeze editor, TennieBee H, who has volunteered to take over the Breeze. Photos and articles may be sent to her at [email protected]. Be on the lookout for a brand new look for the upcoming July edition of the Beach Breeze!

Our Storefront Ministry to homeless teens will take place this Wednesday, the 22nd. Contact Craig R if you would like to help.