Grants and Gifts and Generosity, Oh My!

Grants and Gifts and Generosity, Oh My!

‘Tis indeed the season for Christmas Generosity! Sempra Utilities gave The Welcome Door a grant of $1000. The good folks at Intuit, as well as donating boxes of personal-sized toiletries, are donating approximately $100 per volunteer hour that their employees work on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Individuals from the community send in checks to help with our Wednesday Night program, as well as volunteering to sponsor and serve meals each week. The Tzu Chi Foundation (all organic, all vegetarian) sponsors the 1st Wednesday of the month, HD Supply sponsors the 2nd Wednesday, St. Bridget’s Church the 3rd, and Intuit the 4th. On the rare 5th Wednesdays, PB UMC hosts the meal with the support of its members.

Also, on December 10, PB UMC was down to 2 pairs of socks and 2 boxes of personal sized toiletries for the annual Wednesday Night Christmas Party on December 17. Calls went out for a “Fishes and Loaves” miracle, and the church as well as the community responded. The women of Campland by the Bay donated. The women of Trinity Church brought 49 bags of personal hygiene bags. The people of PB UMC donated over 200 pairs of socks (still coming in as this was being written), scarfs, hats, gloves, toys for children, warm clothing, blankets, and more, ensuring that not one of our guests will leave without a home-made bag (Prayers & Squares Quilters) filled with needed items.

And, going back a month, 26 turkeys were donated by 21 people for our Thanksgiving Dinner for our Wednesday Night guests. Over 200 hungry people were served not only food, but fellowship. Volunteers from both PB UMC and the community, came together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, to help serve our neighbors in need. Truly, we are blessed!


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