Chaos to Community

Chaos to Community

This Sunday we begin a new five-week sermon series that reminds us that the trajectory of our ministries mirrors the trajectory of some of the most pressure-packed passages of our lives, those moments of transition where our lives and our relationships can no longer be what they were before.

Our lives sometimes seem like a series of transitions, where we find change happening around us and happening to us. Yet from these chaotic times, God draws us into relationship and community. This five-week sermon series is called From Chaos to Community and follows the Genesis passages of the Revised Common Lectionary.

  • June 11: Creation – Genesis 1:1-2:4a
  • June 18: Birth – Genesis 18:1-15
  • June 25: Weaning – Genesis 21:8-21
  • July 2: Rites of Passage – Genesis 22:1-14
  • July 9: Legacy – Genesis 24:34-38

Join in the journey from chaos to community!

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