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Sacred Pillars

Sacred Pillars

All of us have “sacred pillars,” ways that we mark and remember our encounters with the living God. Some of those “pillars” might be tangible, real physical objects like Jacob’s anointed stone. Other pillars might be more theoretical…ideas or values or beliefs that become touchstones for us throughout our lives. Based on your life journey, what are the beliefs/practices/principles that guide you? What are your “sacred pillars?”
PB UMC, change

Cast Your Nets on the Other Side

This Sunday Pastor Lori will be joining us for her first Sunday at PB UMC! We have the honor of having Mavi Barrena as our speaker, leading us through a reflection on John 21:1-14. Mavi will help us reflect on the ways God is not only present in the midst of change, but how God invites us to change…to do things differently in ways that can lead to new hope, new abundance, and new life.
Where do you think God might be leading you in the face of these feelings of separation?

Don’t Worry

It’s hard being separated with so much going on in our world. Where do you think God might be leading you in the face of these feelings of separation?
Next Steps

Next Steps

One of my core understandings of God is through the concept of call. I believe that God calls to us, speaks to us, invites us into relationship and invites us into action. We have spoken about the Pentecost work that must be done in the face of the profound pain we can see in the world. Have the courage to take these steps even if you do not know where they will lead. Have the courage to go to unexpected places, figuratively or literally, and discover that in doing so you are responding to God’s divine call.

I Am Always With You

The gospel lesson for this upcoming Trinity Sunday is the part where Jesus ascends to heaven after his resurrection on earth. The disciples have lost him once and they are all the more frightened to lose him once again. But as Jesus ascends, he shares these words: “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”