2019 Interfaith Shelter Network at PB UMC

2019 Interfaith Shelter Network at PB UMC

by Kenneth B.

Our Interfaith Shelter guests arrive Saturday, March 23rd to officially launch the start of the two week period here at PB UMC. They will sleep, shower, and eat their breakfasts and dinners at the church. As they leave during the day for work, job hunting, going to school, or Sunday worship services we will send them off with a healthy sack lunch.

Volunteer recruitment continues with sign-up sheets located in the church narthex after each worship service. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, including overnight supervisors, dinner hosts, lunch hosts, set-up volunteers on March 23rd and clean-up April 6th.

Along with my fellow coordinators, Betty and Ray, I thank you for your support and service. Together we are looking forward to hosting and displaying our genuine PB UMC hospitality as we welcome our guests.

For questions and inquiries, please contact the church office.