Christmas Baskets for Families

Christmas Baskets for Families

PBUMC has signed up to provide six Christmas food baskets and four gift cards for low-income families that sign up at Community Christian Service Agency (CCSA). This is your opportunity to share your blessings with others. The gift basket will include food for a holiday meal and a Target or Walmart gift card for perishable items so families, singles, seniors and those with special needs can enjoy a more festive Christmas meal.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make Christmas special for not only your family as you gather food for your own holiday gathering, but for a CCSA family in need. Sixty-Five per cent of children in the San Diego School system are Food insecure. Let’s make their Christmas a bit brighter! You can donate cash in the collection plate during worship (write “Christmas baskets” on the envelope) or see Hope about donating groceries or gift cards. We’ll assemble the baskets after second service on Sunday, December 13. For more information and a list of recommended groceries, visit the CCSA website by clicking the button below.

CCSA Website


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