Sierra Service Project 2015

Sierra Service Project 2015

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our PB UMC Youth Ministries Program. We ended up having a team of 10 head to Stockton, CA for SSP (Sierra Service Project). There were only 7 others there for our work week, which was a different experience than we have had previous years. We liked the smaller group and we all got to know everyone, not just those on our work teams.

Our projects included building an awning, painting, building a gate, removing old rubber from stairs, prepping and painting the stairs and hallway, and putting a playground in at a homeless shelter. The playground was the most complicated as SSP had never done a project like that before this summer. All of the work teams gathered together on Wednesday for a walking tour of downtown Stockton followed by doing some clean-up of an area where people throw trash into a creek. We filled the back of a pickup with the bags of trash we hauled out.

As well as work projects, our days also included times to discuss spiritual matters. Each morning starts with an introduction to the day’s theme and a scripture. There are questions to continue the discussion, as well as special programs at lunch and during the evenings. This year, a couple of our youth especially enjoyed the event on Thursday evening when we went to this path between a neighborhood and a farm. It had a great view of the sunset. A few of the SSP staff (young adults) share part of their faith journeys and share some advice they want the youth to take home with them.

I am grateful that I get to share this experience with our youth and watch how they change and grow by helping others. The road trip also helps our group grow closer to one another.

This post gratefully written by Dee Baraw, Youth Ministry Coordinator.