Meet a Voice of Praise: Cambria M.

Meet a Voice of Praise: Cambria M.

By Roving Reporter Marcia Mengel

Not long ago, I noticed we had a new member in our Voices of Praise. Her name is Cambria M. and she has been a Voice of Praise choir member since she started attending PB UMC in May. I was excited to get to know her.

I asked Cambria how she found out about PB UMC, and what made her join. She told me, “I was looking for a church to get involved in as a member of a choir. I posted my interest on Facebook. PB UMC pianist and choir accompanist Laura W. answered, letting me know about PB UMC. She sent me a flyer about the church with a description of the music. I came to PB UMC soon after that and sat in on a choir rehearsal. I got a wonderful sense of community in the choir. We held hands and said a prayer after the rehearsal was finished. I wanted to be part of this community. Everyone made me feel so welcome.” I asked if she was involved with any activity besides the choir, and she said, “The choir is an amazing experience for me. Later, I may participate in other church activities.”

I have been amazed at Cambria since her first Sunday at PB UMC. Almost every Sunday she sang at least a small solo. When the rest of the choir was on summer break, Cambria sang several solos during the services. She is a junior at San Diego State with a major in Vocal Performance, which is all classical music. When she graduates, she plans on getting a masters in Vocal Performance. She told me, “After I get my masters, I would love to be a professional opera singer, and still have performance expertise so I can teach. My big dream is to have a voice studio.”

I asked her if she had anything else to share with us and she answered, “My boyfriend Diego L. works at Our Lady of Grace Church, but he did join us singing in our choir one Sunday recently.” Anything else? “I am so grateful to be here. Ron and Louis are so wonderful. They are real inspirations. I am so grateful for all the leaders at PB UMC. It’s a gem.”