Meet One of Our Techies: Joe P.

Meet One of Our Techies: Joe P.

By Roving Reporter Marcia Mengel

I recently had a fun conversation with Joe P., our Sound and Technology Coordinator. I got to know Joe and learned a lot about what his team, who work at the booth at the back of the church, does.

Joe told me he has been coming to PB UMC for about 8 years. “I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Jessee when he taught Drama and StageCraft at Monte Vista High School, where I graduated from in 1993. I left the area shortly after graduating, but moved back in 2008. Ron and Louis were instrumental in helping me ‘land’ back in San Diego, and Ron quickly dragged me into the Christmas program where we strung Louis up as the angel for that year’s production! I started attending regularly after that and very soon became the church’s Sound and Technology Coordinator. I oversee sound engineering, live streaming, and lighting. Ron and I discussed what to call the group and we decided upon TechArts.”

When I asked Joe about his background in sound engineering. “Before even getting started with Ron at Monte Vista, I had already been involved with technology at a church in Florida. Later, I also did a complete re-design of the sound system at a church in Michigan. I’ve always been interested in all areas of technology.”

Joe told me he really enjoys what he is doing. “For Sound Engineering we control the mix of instruments and vocals, making sure the right microphones are on at the right time (and, of course, off) and there is a proper balance between the instruments and the choir. I had no training, I just developed the required skills through experience. I have an ear for it. I can look at someone in choir, pick out their voice from the mix, but still hear the choir as a whole.”

“Ron and I discussed the possibility of generating a live stream for those members who cannot always attend church in person. We proposed the idea to Pastor Bob he thought it was a great idea and went along with getting it started. Still a new offering, Live Stream now streams 2nd service every Sunday. Pat and Lea Ann Walker generously donated most of the equipment to make it possible.”

One other thing Joe has done recently is design the new tech booth. “We needed more space. Our work area and equipment were on just a couple of tables behind last pew. We would have to stand up and move our chairs whenever people needed to get by. Our new booth fills our growing needs. We have more room for our equipment and a better view of the sanctuary with fewer interruptions. It makes it easier for us to fulfill the church needs.”

Joe and his team do a lot for us. But, it turns out, his team needs some additional members. Please consider becoming a member of the team. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Joe. If you have experience in these fields, great. If not, don’t worry, we will train you. The TechArts team is a fun group dedicated to ensuring the technical aspects of our church services are well done. We need folks in the following areas:

  • Sound: Our Sound Engineers manage the sound system during each service. Tasks include, ensuring the best mix of instruments and vocals and making sure microphones are on (AND off) at the right times.
  • Live Stream: Our Live Stream techies broadcast our second service online. The live stream is drawn from 2 cameras with a direct sound feed from the sound system.
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