Meet One of Our Voices of Praise: Stephanie J.

Meet One of Our Voices of Praise: Stephanie J.

(by Roving Reporting Marcia)

This month I got the opportunity to chat with Stephanie J. and her mother, Dorothy. We had a lot of fun discussing current events. I finally had to call it quits, so we could talk about Stephanie and the Voices of Praise.

About a year and a half ago Erin V. told Stephanie about our choir. Stephanie loves music, and based on Erin’s comments, she immediately came to PB UMC and joined our choir. She told me, “I love to sing, and it’s great to come to church and sing. It’s like we worship through music. And, I love the choir. There are interesting people in the choir, a very talented group. I really like all the varied interests.” She played Mary in last year’s Christmas Musical, only a few months after she joined the choir. She also sang a couple of solos this summer when our choir was on vacation.

When I asked her about her education and musical background, she told me they were one and the same. “A great teacher in elementary school motivated me. I was active in the arts practically since I was born. I performed in plays as a kid in such organizations as San Diego Junior Theater in Balboa Park. I studied classical music all three years in high school and voice three years in college.” Her voice teachers, in sequential order, were Louise N., Pauline T., and Renee C.

Stephanie sang in our most recent 2nd Sunday Concert. She told me beforehand that it would be a musical recital made up of half classical music and half musical theater. “The songs are really beautiful. One of them was written by Bach, and is usually sung by altos or tenors. But I enjoy singing it even though I’m a soprano. I am really looking forward to this recital.” She said her two good friends, Ryan and Erin, would sing some songs with her.

Stephanie works at Broadway San Diego in the Subscription Dept. “I do like my job as it keeps me close to Broadway musicals.”

I really enjoyed getting to know Stephanie (and her mother) and was very excited about her 2nd Sunday Concert. We are so lucky to have such a talented voice of praise.