Community Meal Petition

Community Meal Petition

In light of the petition begun this week to eliminate Church feedings to our unsheltered neighbors in Pacific Beach, we recognize that we have an opportunity to communicate the full ministry taking place here at PB UMC beyond the free community meal.

A Pacific Beach man is accusing the churches in his neighborhood of making the homeless problem worse.

Source: Pacific Beach: Petition accuses churches of making homeless problem worse

As part of this vital community ministry in partnership with Shoreline Community Services, we host a variety of organizations offering opportunities for aid. In addition to the weekly meal that serves both unsheltered and sheltered persons, each week’s Project Grace ministry offers:

  • UCSD’s Student-Run Free clinics offering both medical and dental care
  • Acupuncture through the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine
  • Commodities (pre-packaged take-home food donated by Trader Joe’s, Panera Bread, and others)
  • Partnerships with Feeding San Diego and San Diego County’s HHSA to connect economically disadvantaged persons with Cal-Fresh and MediCal.
  • Special outreach to unsheltered Veterans in partnership with Veteran’s Village of San Diego
  • Local community sponsors including both businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations
  • Referrals to other local organizations and government services to help those in need escape homelessness

In recent months, we have worked with our community partners to respond to the outbreak of Hepatitis A by:

  • distributing hundreds of hygiene kits,
  • giving free Hepatitis A vaccines through UCSD and HHSA,
  • and sharing information on symptoms and prevention methods.

It is our hope that we can continue to provide services to our sheltered and unsheltered neighbors until such a time as these services are no longer necessary.


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