Interfaith Shelter 2017

Interfaith Shelter 2017

By Kenneth B.

This is our 31st season of hosting Interfaith Shelter Network guests at Pacific Beach UMC. The collaborative program serves more than 200 homeless men, women, and children in San Diego who receive shelter and other services for a two week period. Over the years, the demographical composition of shelter guests has changed; we are seeing more single mothers with children.

Our guests will arrive Saturday, January 28th, to officially launch the start of the two week period here at PB UMC. Each guest in the Interfaith Shelter Network is pre-screened and receives additional case management support as they endeavor to get their lives on more solid footing. The guests will be at the church from 5:00 pm in the evening to 7:00 am the following morning each day during their two-week stay. They will sleep at the church, shower at the church, and eat their breakfasts and dinners at the church. As each guest leaves during the day for work, job hunting, or going to school or Sunday worship services, we send them off with a healthy sack lunch.

Continuance of the Interfaith Shelter Network tradition at PB UMC is achieved through the contributions of members and friends who generously donate their talents, gifts, and services. The volunteer recruitment has begun; sign-up sheets are located in the church lobby after each worship service. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, but the most critical needs are overnight supervisors, dinner hosts, lunch hosts, set-up volunteers January 28th (including luggage and cots pick-up) and clean-up February 11th (shelter break-down, washing bed linens).

During the month of January, donation boxes will be placed in the narthex to collect personal care items such as deodorant, hand and body lotion (travel size), gloves, socks, soap, toothpaste and brushes, feminine hygiene items, razors, shampoo, and conditioners for our guests.

Along with my fellow coordinators, Betty J. and Steve F., we thank you for your support and service. To- gether, we are looking forward to hosting and displaying our genuine PB UMC hospitality in welcoming guests. For questions and inquires please contact Ken B. through the Church Office.