What About Apportionments?

What About Apportionments?

by Hope A., Treasurer

In the aftermath of the Traditional Plan passage at General Conference, members have wondered whether the church should continue to pay apportionments that may support activities in conflict with our stance as a reconciling congregation. Fortunately, the Western Jurisdiction and our own Cal-Pac Annual Conference are hard at work on a solution. Cal-Pac is setting up alternative funds to the World Service Fund and General Administration Fund. Other funds are not in dispute. Cal-Pac is researching exactly where these moneys go. Money in the alternative funds will be held in trust and eventually related to approved programs. Starting in May, congregations in the Annual Conference can send apportionments either to the original or alternative version of these two funds.

While we at PB UMC wait for further direction, we have temporarily withheld April apportionments only for the two funds under review. In accordance with Bishop Hagiya’s recommendation, we are remitting other items on our monthly apportionment remittance form. Seventy-six percent of our apportionments stay within our Annual Conference, while a small portion supports the Western Jurisdiction. PB UMC’s Administrative Council will provide direction on our apportionment giving.

You are invited to voice your opinion at the next Administrative Council meeting in the Social Hall on May 16 at 6:00 pm.


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