Official Response to #GC2019

Official Response to #GC2019

Our official statement after the actions of General Conference:

The people of Pacific Beach United Methodist Church are shocked and disappointed at the continued discriminatory policies and ongoing harm done to our LGBTQ siblings reinforced at the February 2019 General Conference held in St. Louis. We recommit ourselves to active and prophetic DISSENT. Our ministries and mission will not be defined by these exclusionary policies.

In upholding our baptismal and membership vows ‘to resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever form it presents itself,’ we reject these harmful policies. We will faithfully continue the ongoing work of reforming the church.


    Judy Reese

    Formerly of Pacific Beach congregation. I applaud your decision. Judy Reese

      Bob Rhodes

      Thank you, Judy! We continue to be held together in prayer and love…

    Terri Pfenning

    The Pfenning family is so proud of you and your church. Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors for EVERYONE!!!!! Hugs to all.

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