Holy Week 2015

Holy Week 2015

As we look toward the season of Easter and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, we often seek signs of new hope and new life in the world around us. The journey of Holy Week is not simply a story from long ago, but is a narrative that can parallel our own journey out of darkness and into light. Let us all gather together to hear again the stories of parades and crowds, of betrayal and death, and ultimately of resurrection.

On Palm Sunday, March 29, we will celebrate in a special way as we welcome children and youth to take special roles during our worship service. We will begin with the waving of palms and loud hosannas as we explore Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem with his disciples. Look for a twist in the ways we tell these stories, and consider the opportunity to seek out new ways in which God may be speaking today. As always, our worship services will begin at 9 am and at 10:30 am.

Good Friday falls on April 3, where the church will again be open from 5 pm to 7:30 pm for an exploration of the meaning of Good Friday for each of us as unique persons of faith. Suitable for persons of all ages and abilities, stations of interactive prayer and learning will be available for participants at an individual pace.

On Easter Sunday, April 5, those who are willing to meet the beginning of the new day – experienced by some as a resurrection moment – will gather at Crown Point Park on Mission Bay for a sunrise service beginning at 6 am. You can find us close to the Lamont Street entrance by parking near the playground and walking toward the bonfire in the fire ring at the place where the grass meets the sand. Dress warmly; feel free to bring a chair or blanket and a thermos of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to share.

Back at 1561 Thomas Ave, the social hall will open for our annual pancake breakfast at 7 am and serving will continue until 10 am. Worship services will take place as usual in the sanctuary at 9 am and 10:30 am. The Easter Egg Hunt for children will begin in the courtyard at 10 am. Those who wish to contribute to the joy of the day may donate Easter lilies in honor or memory of loved ones, by bringing donations of plastic eggs and baskets to help the Easter bunny, and by being present to join in the songs and prayers of praise. Note: please do not put any treats containing nuts into donated eggs in care of those with allergies.