Erich Grimm-Schmitt

Erich Grimm-Schmitt

Erich (he/him/his) joined our team in November of 2019. He has dedicated ten years towards children and youth ministries serving in various areas throughout the South District of the Cal-Pac (regional) Conference. Erich is passionate in using his skills to provide leadership to youth and young adults through advocacy and internship opportunities.

He is pursuing his Bachelors degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience at UCSD, and is currently discerning his call in being an Elder for the United Methodist Church.

Erich dreams of owning a pack of Great Danes and loves his Siamese fur-babies, Ash and Misty. If Erich lived a double life he would own a wildlife sanctuary for all animals.

To reach Erich by email, visit the Contact Us page and choose “Youth Ministries Coordinator.”

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