Youth Sunday 2015 Reflection

Youth Sunday 2015 Reflection

(by Roving Reporter Marcia)

Our church youth (along with Dee Baraw, Youth Ministry Coordinator) provided the service on Sunday, August 30. They had an outstanding choir that sang for us several times. Each time, they really got into the music and had great movements to go with the music. They were so enthusiastic, they made most of us in the congregation want to get up and dance with them.

Dee told us about trips the PB UMC youth had participated in this summer. She explained what kinds of things went on at each trip and what kinds of things the youth did while there. She also explained how PB UMC helped pay for our young folks to participate. Several of the young people shared things they learned during their visit to Orlando for the Youth 2015 Convention and to Camp Cedar Glen. Each let us know how much fun they’d had on these trips and told us about the inspirational lessons they learned. To find out more about these trips, go to the recording of this service on the PBUMC
website at the button below.

Youth Sunday Message

I learned, during this service, we should all be proud of our young people and we should encourage them to continue participating in such events, so we can continue to learn from them.


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