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Pastor’s Blog (Page 3)

Tony – The Movie

I recently wrote a piece for our local Beach & Bay Press about a community event to help teach about the experiences of homelessness in San Diego and efforts to reverse the trend of rising numbers.

Stepping Up

Our culture’s tradition is to make resolutions or commitments to ways we might improve our physical, emotional, or spiritual selves. I submit that this tradition might remind us to stay motivated, to maintain the commitments into which we’ve stepped so that we can continue our upward trajectory and achieve even more than we imagine.


Pastor Bob’s December blog post looks at the value of home and traditions during this Christmas season.


When I read studies and articles related to the decline of membership in mainline Protestant denominations, they often lead to explorations of generational differences and ultimately to this question: where are the Millennials?


The church is a community of faith, but what does that actually mean? And why is it important?


At our Annual Conference in June, Bishop Hagiya set several ambitious goals for each church in our region.


We all have stuff we get excited about. Is faith something we get excited about??


Dear friends… July brings a particular beginning that is significant to many United Methodists, and the recent conclusion of the California-Pacific Annual Conference makes this even more definitive – particularly for those who participated in the Conference. As your Pastor here at Pacific Beach United Methodist Church, you may know that my “church membership” does not reside at PB UMC or any other local church. My membership resides at the Annual Conference, and it is through our Bishop’s leadership at…


Dear friends… As we enter the month of June, we – once again – experience some of the natural rhythms of change. Tourists have begun to come into our communities; children have completed schoolwork and will transition into their next grade levels; and the “season after Pentecost” has begun. June is also the month that our regional United Methodist Churches will send representatives to the University of Redlands for our Annual Conference. New clergypersons will be Commissioned, some will be…


Dear friends… As I write this, it’s actually well before this issue of the Beach Breeze is to be released in early May. I’m about to head with Beth on a trip to Palm Springs after a full Easter Sunday. And I’m filled with excitement. There are a number of reasons that I feel excited. One is simply that I’m going on vacation for a few days with Beth – and while the boys stay home under the capable care…