Pastor’s Blog (Page 3)

Pastor’s Blog (Page 3)

Lent 2017

This month, we enter into the season of Lent. Traditionally, the Lenten season is a time of reflection and introspection as we look toward Easter. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, the season continues for forty days (not including Sundays) through Holy Week and ending just before Easter Sunday.

Back to Basics

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. Maybe it’s the recent Christmas holiday. Maybe it’s the natural introspection I’ve chosen to engage in following treatment for a minor skin cancer. Maybe it’s parenthood. And maybe it’s random. In any case, I’ve been feeling nostalgic.

Easy Faith

As a parent, I have the wonderful opportunity to learn from my children. I confess that I do not always take advantage of this opportunity, and that when I do indeed open my eyes to the many things they have to offer I am often filled with awe.


Will you forgive me if I feel a bit discouraged as we look toward the Christmas season? Will you forgive me if I don’t have quite the energy and excitement that I think maybe I should? This year, I’m not feeling that way. But maybe there’s hope…


If there is anything essential to our faith, it is relationship: our relationship with God and our relationships with one another.


October has become the traditional month at Pacific Beach UMC when we embark on our annual Stewardship campaign. It is a time where we recommit – or perhaps commit for the first time – ourselves to supporting the ministries of PB UMC and of the broader connected Church. We hear sermons intended to inspire thoughtful commitment and generosity, sometimes we hear from members of the congregation, we receive letters from the pastor, and we fill out a card indicating our…

Making Plans

I’m not a planner. I’m a firm advocate that the best way to make God laugh is to tell God your plans.

A Nation of Privilege

I am a straight white cisgendered middle-class male. The reason it’s important to name these things about myself is because these categories afford me a certain amount of privilege.

General Conference Wrap-Up

On May 22nd we took time to “decompress” or “wrap-up” the events of The United Methodist Church’s quadrennial (every four years) General Conference that took place in Portland, OR. The General Conference is the highest legislative gathering in The United Methodist Church with voting membership consisting of an equal number of clergy and lay delegates elected by the Annual Conferences. General Conference is the only body that can speak officially for The United Methodist Church. As one who has a…


Some of you may have heard the news that my younger sister Lyz and her husband Braden recently had a baby! Little Ava was born on April 9th into a family filled with love and hope and joy. Beth and I are looking forward to meeting Ava when they come to Southern California this June! This has brought back so many memories for me! I remember when both of our boys were born, both under circumstances that were both similar…