Pastor’s Blog

Pastor’s Blog

Back to Basics

This year has been one where we have returned to basics because members of this congregation have been asking important questions.

Resurrection People

We have recently celebrated Resurrection! Hallelujah! But how do we do that when our denomination is in turmoil?


This is an update on some of the responses to the harmful vote at the St. Louis General Conference, including some press related to our own congregation.


Entering into the season of Lent is a time to explore how we are changed by our experience of God and in our faith communities. In Lenten reflection, we may be made new. Who will you be?


Pacific Beach UMC has been changing over time. In some ways that change may bring concern, and in others there is reason to celebrate! It is good to do both of these things as we explore together where God will be leading us…

A New Thing

In the newness of this new year, may we continually look for the new thing that God has already begun.

Gratitude (Part 2)

There is so much work that is done by members of this congregation that it’s hard to name it all. And it is good and right to remember to say “thanks” to all who participate in this incredible work!

Three Pennies

I believe that we are called to shine a light of love and hope in the world, that we should try to make a difference in people’s lives. And sometimes doing so will change our lives too…

Theological Statements

Theological statements are all around us, from the ways we treat each other to the things we proclaim as a part of our faith. And maybe even more…

Momentum & Trajectory

We have noticed a few voices once again critiquing the services provided here each week as part of our Project Grace programs, including some misinformation.