Posts from June 2018

Posts from June 2018

Bring Life

On Sunday, our annual Outdoor Worship celebrates the beginning of summer and the 4th of July. We also begin a new series focused on the healing stories of Jesus.


This Sunday culminates our series on building community. As we explore the ways David responds to the threats of violence and war from Goliath and the Philistines, how can we learn about building community?


This Sunday in our conversations about community, we remember the selection of King David from his family. He is the least expected to be King, and yet becomes the King who brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.


Engagement is key to building community. Relationships form and grow, and profound connections sustain us. Consider some ways that our community of faith can step up our engagement with the good people of PB UMC!


This Sunday in our conversations about community, we hear a story about people who want something different. Ultimately, they get what they want, but they’re warned that it won’t work out the way they expect.
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