Posts from January 2017

Posts from January 2017

Jesus’ Priority: What Matters Most?

Come this Sunday to join in a conversation about how we can still be a congregation of deep faith while honestly exploring what may be unhealthy about our traditions and history

Interfaith Shelter 2017

By Kenneth B. This is our 31st season of hosting Interfaith Shelter Network guests at Pacific Beach UMC. The collaborative program serves more than 200 homeless men, women, and children in San Diego who receive shelter and other services for a two week period. Over the years, the demographical composition of shelter guests has changed; we are seeing more single mothers with children. Our guests will arrive Saturday, January 28th, to officially launch the start of the two week period…

We All Count

In the early morning hours of January 27, 2017, hundreds of volunteers will participate in the WeAllCount. Census in 27 locations throughout San Diego.

Our Beloved Evergreen Tree

by Dick V.S. Our large evergreen tree was originally planted in the northwest corner of the courtyard. It was moved to its current location for more room to grow and to become a central symbol. For many years coffee was served on the east side of the tree, using actual cups and saucers. Candle light services¬†were held around it on Christmas Eves with a nativity scene as the focal point. Sometime in the 1990s, Andy H-S strung a power cord…
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