Posts from February 2016

Posts from February 2016

Holy Week 2016

In our prayerful journey through the season of Lent, we prepare ourselves for Easter and the celebration of resurrection! Don’t miss the many opportunities to move through this time of preparation and into celebrating Christ anew in our lives.

“Valentine” Expressions of Love for PB UMC

The following is a compilation of letters, notes, and other communications that have been sent to PB UMC over the last 12 months. These are expressions from both individuals and groups, who have been touched by the church. Pew note: I have been attending services to hear your thoughtful sermons first and the choir second. But after hearing the beautiful music today, I may reverse that order! They are excellent! Storefront: To all of our friends at PB UMC, thank…


As we enter the month of February, we are not only entering into the season of the world’s largest and most expensive spectacle (i.e. the Super Bowl), but also into a season of inner reflection and discernment. Note: In preparing this article/Pastor’s page, I asked my phone what specific date the Super Bowl would be played wanting to be sure it was actually in February. Not only did she affirm the February date, but she reminded me that it has…

Beach Breeze – February 2016

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