Posts from January 2016

Posts from January 2016

Call & Learning

I believe we are all called to some form of Ministry, and a few are called to Ordained Ministry. This post includes a brief outline of the process for Ordination as well as an invitation to continued learning.

Shoreline, Casting a Net of Care

By Beth Rhodes, Executive Director of Shoreline Community Services Even though we’ve just begun, there are many exciting things happening for Shoreline Community Services… Through a wonderful new member of PB UMC, Shoreline has been able to develop a partnership with St. James Episcopal Church‘s Health Services Committee. This committee manages a fund dedicated to helping those who cannot afford the medical care they need. This committee has approved funding to assist with surgeries, outpatient procedures, and special eye-wear and…

Interfaith Shelter 2016

This is the 30th season that PB UMC has hosted guests from the Interfaith Shelter Network, the shelter program where more than 200 homeless men, woman and children receive shelter and other services throughout the San Diego region for a two-week period. Over the years, the demographical composition of shelter guest has changed; we are seeing more single mothers with children. Our guests will arrive Saturday, February 20th to officially launch the start of the two-week period here at PB…

Beach Breeze – January 2016

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